IPL Permanent Hair Reduction


IPL Permanent Hair Reduction (SHR)

SHR is the latest technology in permanent hair reduction. Completely pain free, super-fast and extremely effective, it is the most advanced system on the market. It can be safely be used on the body or the face for any skin type. Usually a treatment course of 6-10 treatments are required for optimal results- but once done you can look forward to a lifetime of smoothness, hairless skin with only the occasional maintenance treatment. Compare that to the constant hassle and cost of waxing! Please note that all clients are required to undergo a patch test before commencing IPL treatments.

Women's Service

Center of eyebrows $35

Chin $45

Upper Lip $45

Chin & Lip $79

Sides of face/cheek $59

Front or back of neck $70

Standard bikini $79

G-string $99

Brazilian $129

Underarms $50

Half Leg $99

Top Half Legs $125

Full Legs $220

Full arms $125

Navel Line $40

Areola $55

Men's Service

Beard $99

Beard (inc neck) $129

Back and Shoulders $245

Chest $145

Chest & Stomach $245

Full Arms $225

Full Legs $325

Nose/Ears $35

Speedo $125

Manzillian POA