• Dermalist is committed to being environmentally friendly in every way possible. Their exclusive 100% recyclable AllSerum Refill is the ideal way for those who have already purchased the full product to replace your serum consciously, easily and affordably as it avoids the need to replace the complete container and other expensive packaging.  


    Simple remove your empty cartridge of AllSerum from its black exterior casing and pop in the refill before placing the used cartridge into the recycling to reduce your impact on the environment. 


  • To ensure the integrity of the formulation, always use this refill within its original outer packaging to protect it from heat and light.

    To replace your empty AllSerum cartridge with this refill: 

    1. Remove pump lid by pressing & holding the button whilst lifting silver ring upwards with 2 fingers.  

    2. Remove empty cartridge and replace with refill cartridge of serum. 

    3. Place silver ring back down, on top of new cartridge and click into place to seal. 

    4. Place used cartridge and refill box into recycling bin. 

  • AllSerum Skin Perfector contains clinically proven ingredients to help reduce wrinkles by up to 63%., reduce tyrosinase activity that causes pigmentation by up to 86.5%, reduce cortisol production that causes skin sensitivity by up to 70% within 2 hours, improve skin lightening by up to 25%, while protecting skin from daily particle pollution.